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Fethiye Physiotherapy Specialist

It is here to find solutions to your pain and make you feel good.

At the Physiotherapy Center
Services We Provide

Manual Therapy

As a branch of physiotherapy, muscles, joints and tissues are treated, pain is reduced and movement restrictions are eliminated by using a series of manual maneuvers and techniques.

Stroke Rehabilitation

It is a complex rehabilitation process using physical therapy methods to regain motor functions lost after stroke and reintegrate them into daily life activities.

Lumbar Cervical Disc Herniation Treatment

Lumbar and cervical disc hernia treatment is a treatment process that uses methods such as physical therapy, exercises, and massage, helping to reduce pain and ensure the healing of the area.

Shoulder Muscle Tears

It is a health problem that causes pain, weakness and limited mobility as a result of tears in the muscles in the shoulder area.

Clinical Pilates

It strengthens the muscles with a method supported by therapeutic exercises and breathing techniques applied specifically to the individual by the expert trainer, while also improving factors such as posture regulation, flexibility and balance.

Cruciate Ligament Injuries

It is a treatment method that supports regaining muscle strength and functional recovery in the post-injury period, together with mobilization and rehabilitation techniques.

Tennis and Golfer's Elbow

Fethiye physiotherapy is an effective treatment option that includes muscle strengthening exercises, stretching techniques and therapy methods to reduce pain.

Hand Rehabilitation

As a result of Hand Rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation in the hand and wrist area is provided by treating injuries or other-related disorders in the hand and wrist area of the clients.

Meniscus Injuries

It aims to support the healing of the injury and restore mobility with an approach that includes special exercises, manual therapy and strengthening exercises.

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